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The unique charcuterie boards mystery revealed

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The first mystery with creating a unique charcuterie is utilizing unique wood boards h

that is considered figurative boards such as curly-maple and other species or birdseye maple and flame birch which shows subtle to dramatic patterns and color variances' that displays the true beauty of wood. These unique qualities like the picture of a beautiful Curly maple. this boards has a heave curly pattern that looks three dimensional and has great display of heart wood and very unique color variances.

Mystery two would entail using different wood species such as maple, walnut,oak and purple heart. the use of different color wood species and utilizing the grain and figurative patterns together to bring them to create a unique look. This process starts with using either one unique piece of wood and the complementing and contrasting wood or resin, or the other technique is using two main boards of contrasting color and accented with or species of wood or resin. Each technique creates a very unique charcuterie board that you can be proud to serve your cheese and meat on.

Final mystery is picking your board and accessories which include finish on the board which included oil/ wax or resin epoxy and you can have rubber feet on bottom and a choice of handles to match the board also you can add a custom knife to match the board and my own Natural honey from my aipairy. visit or for honey or other bee related products.

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