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One of a kind wood creations

The Charcuterie Boards are created one at a time starting with figuring what wood I'm going to use for the best contrast of color and character and the grain pattern or direction.

Selection of Materials

the selection of materials starts with the wood selection. this starts with hardwoods like Walnut, maple, oak or birch, and many other species available. another aspect of selection is figurative wood-like curly maple, bird's eye maple quarter sawed oak and burls.


The two finishes that I use are both food-safe. one is butcher block oils and wax finish which is used on cutting boards that is better for cutting on and has a more satin finish, the other option is an epoxy resin that gives it a glass-like appearance which highlights the figurative woods to look more three dimensional is better for charcuterie boards that are used more of a serving platter.

Additional elements

Some cutting boards have a juice groove and a groove for a handle and another option is a metal or wood handle that makes carrying the board easier. We can also add rubber feet to the back of the board which gives it a higher quality product.

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