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Meet Greg

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As I was growing up, my father worked in a lumber yard and would build small projects and do repairs on the house. His fascination with woodworking inspired me to join him, while learning the ins and outs of woodworking and how to use tools to build a variety of pieces. It gave me the ability to personalize hand-crafted wood decor while appreciating the grains in the wood and it’s natural aesthetic. Later on, I expanded my woodworking skills into fine decorative pieces which led to building my own home from the ground up. From the wood beams and walls to completing all the wood finishes, it’s my biggest project to date.

Since then, my passion for design and wood creations has grown over the years and has become one of the most conversational topics when hosting guests on special occasions. My mission is to share my expertise of high-end quality wood pieces with others for their home. Whether, it’s your dining room table or custom charcuterie board, I hope it becomes for a conversation starter for your family, too!



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